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Adam has always had a passion for dogs. Growing up, he and his mother had Shelties, one of which loved playing soccer with him. He is an avid hunter and with duck hunting naturally comes retrievers. His first retriever, a Golden, was a birthday gift at the age of 10 and was used for hunting. His first Labrador Retriever was a female named Taylor that he trained to hunt. They set the stage for what was to come. The first registered Lab was a chocolate male named Cedar Swamp Duces Wild born in 1998 and he was trained to hunt. He was sired by a Master Hunter which lead to wanting to learn more about Hunt Tests. In that quest for learning, he was introduced to Richard McDonald. Adam bought RC Buckshot of Seven Hickories "Hickory" in 2001. Under Richard's guidance, he learned to train advanced concepts to Deuce and Hickory and handled Deuce to his Senior Hunter title April 12, 2002 and Hickory to his Master Hunter title May 3, 2003.  By that time, he was caught hook, line, and sinker by the Hunt Test game. He has trained and handled dogs for others as well as trained for hunting dogs. He has been an AKC Retriever Hunting Test Judge since 2006, judging all three levels: Junior Hunter, Senior Hunter, and Master Hunter.

From 2007-2012, Adam worked training bomb detection dogs and has spent time in Afghanistan as a Field Service Representative where he worked with the handlers to resolve issues they came across while in country with their dogs.

Alison has never known life without dogs in it. She learned to walk under the watchful eye of a Newfoundland, often using his fur to help her to her feet. As a child, she was always outdoors, walking or riding her bicycle around town and the country, always with a canine companion...not many people in Lamar didn't know Lady, the little Eskimo Spitz that was her main companion in her teens. Lady patiently visited with many of the older people in the community as well as bird watched, crossed ditches, and went to the hunting club where she was always on the boat. As interest grew in hunting as well as fishing, Labs seemed like a natural choice and her first lab was a MH sired chocolate female born in 1996 named Lady Sierra X. The quest for knowledge also led Alison to Richard. While learning to train and handle, Bay Creek's Sassy Girl was bought. She was with Alison through a decade in life that sidelined most retriever activities other than training and hunting. The desire to run hunt tests was never extinguished. Since getting back into the game, she has successfully handled dogs at all three levels.   
CJ and Elizabeth have their mother's love for the outdoors and all animals.
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