Sire: CedarSwamp's the Preacher's Kidd
Dam: Ellie's Camden Rain

All yellow litter born November 28, 2009
The Gentlemen
The Ladies
Past Litters
Cedarswamp's The Preacher's Kidd
OFA Hips Good
OFA Elbows Normal
OFA Shoulders Normal
EIC Carrier
CNM Clear
CERF Clear

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                               FC 2xNAFC Ebonstar Lean Mac
                     FC AFC Fordland's Bored Out Ford
                                Dust Devil's Desert Duk MH***
         FC AFC The Preacher MH
                                GMHRCH Bay Creek Dan MH***
                      Heartland Stormfront MH ***
                                 Sugar Magnolia's  Radar Love       
Cedarswamp's The Preacher's Kidd
                                  NAFC FC Gusto's Last Control
                       Tennessee Deep River Run, MH
                                  Double A's Won't Rust
          Bay Creek's Dave Ray
                                  Bay Creek Independence MH
                        Ray's Princess Diana
                                   Sandy Bluff's Yella Cinderella
                                    Grand Slam-Double Or Nothin
                          Swift Creek’s Doodah Wild Thing JH
          Kerrybrook’s Double Duty JH
              Zackary Blondie Adams Big Man SH (MH Pass)
                                     Pine Bluff Zeke
                           Pine Valley Merry Melody
Deb’s Dappled Macy   
Ellie’s Camden Rain
                                      CH Simerdown’s Royal Chuck MH
                            Sir Charles Barkley
                                       Alpine Ivory
               Sir Charles Ellie Rain
                                       Avalon’s Country Gentleman
                             C L G Lucie
                                       C L G Lacy
AKC Titles
FC- Field Champion
AFC-Amateur Field Champion
NFC- National Field Champion
NAFC-National Amateur Field Champion
*** - Qualified All Age (not a title, qualified to run in Limited FC stakes)
JH - Junior Hunter
SH- Senior Hunter
MH- Master Hunter
CD- Companion Dog (obedience)
CKC Canadian Titles (Do not show on AKC pedigrees)
CNFTC- National Field Trial Champion
CNAFTC- National Amateur Field Trial Champion
WCX- Working Certificate Excellent

Ellie's Camden Rain
OFA Hips Good
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Camden's first litter with us was born December 2007 when she was bred to Hickory. These puppies were very tractable and quick to learn.

We are expecting this cross to be very easily trained as well.

Puppies are born and raised in the house, well socialized. Microchipping and dewclaw removal has already been done. Deworming is done at 2, 3, 4, 6 weeks and first shots are given at six weeks.

11 puppies were born November 28, 2009. 6 males and 5 females

Update December 12: All eyes are open! They are starting to move around a little more.

Update December 22: The puppies have started eating "real" food. It's chopped up in the blender and softened with milk and water, but they're really enjoying it. They are starting to climb out of the whelping box, but are not happy when they do. The puppies are starting to respond to our voices as well.

Update January 11: The puppies received their first shots over the weekend. All puppies are doing well and growing like weeds. They are exploring outside and learning what being a retriever is about.

All puppies are in their new homes!

Four Days old Males
Four Days old Females
1 1/2 weeks old Males
1 1/2 weeks old Females
3 1/2 weeks old Females
3 1/2 weeks old Males
6 1/2 weeks old
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Meg Crumpler and Bowman May 2010 Charleston, SC

Hey! We get compliments on Bowman everywhere we go! He is such a beautiful dog...and a great one too. We have fallen in love with him. He is growing so big - he is already up to 65lbs - probably more now. Have you heard from his brothers or sisters? They were such a good looking litter. Jason and I love Bowman's color and long legs! And he has such a fun personality - he keeps us laughing. He's exactly what we wanted in a dog. Thank you again!!! Hope you and your family are doing well. Meg (June 2010)
Hey Guys!!!
We are sending you some pictures of our not so little baby boy. He's weighing in at a 82lbs and he's still got some room to grow. He has a scar on his elbow for rough housing with his sister Lilie, she beats up on him ;o) Bouy loves to swim anywhere he can, and is extremely obedient. He has A LOT of energy these days and wants to play with EVERYONE! Thank you again for setting us up with such an amazing dog!!!

P.S. His training is going well and will be a great duck dog!!!

Chad & Holly Peters

Jacksonville, NC
(August 2010)

10 weeks old
8 months old