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Whelping Services
We understand that some people would love to breed their retriever, but due to work and family obligations may not have the time required to devote to whelping and raising a litter. Others may be overwhelmed by the risks and stresses of the birthing process and problems that may arise during whelp or shortly after, including the bitch needing assistance with birth or even bottle feeding puppies due to low milk production or even loss of the bitch where around the clock monitoring and feeding would be necessary.

We whelp each  litter with the upmost care, in our home, as if they were our own, including checking as often as necessary when the time is getting close, overseeing the entire delivery, monitoring puppy growth, Early Neurological Stimulation, and enrichment activities with the puppies to promote a learning attitude early in life until they are ready to go to their new homes at eight weeks.

Visit our Socialization page for more detailed information on how we socialize and raise our litters.

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Care of your pregnang bitch two weeks prior to the scheduled whelp date.
Administration of drugs or suppliments during the bitch's stay. To be provided by owner/owner's veterinarian
Whelping of puppies. If problems arise, bitch's owner is responsible for any vet bills and/or drugs to be administered.
Trip to vet for dewclaw removal, initial puppy checkup, and post whelp checkup of bitch, normally 1-3 days post whelp. Vet bill is to be paid by owner.
Administration of de-worming and other medications as needed for puppies. Medicine is paid for by owner.
Staying at Cedar Swamp Retrievers until puppies are eight weeks of age. Puppies will be well socialized, introduced to retrieving, swimming and chasing live birds. We start them on the food requested by the owner.
Marketing and selling of puppies. Litter will be listed on our website at owner's request.
Drop-off to airport for shipped puppies. Owner to pay for shipping, crate, health certificate, and drop-off fee.