FC AFC Rev Blu Genes
Owned by Rex Bell
OFA Hips LR-184323E24M-VPI
CERF LR-56562
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Rev has proven himself to be a great worker as well as a house dog. He is also Rex's hunting partner. He has personality plus--he's always happy and loves attention. He had 57 derby points and earned his AFC title with a win in the Amateur in 2012, and his FC with an Open win at Palmetto Retriever Club's February Field Trial in 2013.

As of March 2013, his placements and Jams are as follows:
(There are some inaccuracies due to pulling from multiple sources that don't always have final information entered)

Derby Placements -23 Started, 19 finished
1st Place - 7
2nd Place - 1
3rd Place - 3
4th Place - 1
Res Jam - 3
Jam        - 1
Total Points - 57

FC Placements - 56 Started, 14 finished
1st place - 1
2nd Place - 4
3rd Place - 2
4th Place - 1
Res Jam - 2
Jam         - 5
Total Points - 19.5 (as recorded by AKC through 03/18/2013 also has a 4th from March 15-17, 2013 not included)

AFC Placements - 35 Started , 12 Finished
1st Place - 2
2nd Place - 2
3rd Place - 1
4th Place - 1
Res Jam - 2
Jam         - 4
Total Points - 22.5 (as recorded by AKC through 03/18/2013 and does not include his Open win in Feb 2013 nor Open 4th from March)

Rev's Sire, FC AFC The Preacher MH has 32.5 FC points with 4 wins, 62 AFC points with 9 wins

Rev's Dam, FC AFC Rubie Begonia has 33.5 FC points with 4 wins and 117.5 AFC points with 15 wins. She aslo has 20 Derby points.

Rev has 2 littermates and 2 full siblings that were born in 2010.
*AFC Son of a Preacher Man (10/07) - Owner trained and handled
       6.0 FC points with a 1st, 4th, and 2 Jams,
     25.0 AFC points: 1 - 1st, 3 - 2nds, 10 Jams, and 3 - Reserve Jams and was a National Amateur Finalist in 2012, qualified for National Amateur for 2013
*Aarow (5/10) He is the 2012 High Point Derby Dog with 76 points. He got an open win in March 2013
       5.0 FC Points with 1 - 1st
       5.0 AFC Points (From FC win)
*Rubie Mae (5/10) has 5 Derby Points

Preacher has one other litter that produced
*Camelot's Lady of the Lake V MH
*CedarSwamp's the Preacher's Kidd (USMC IDD)

Rev is still a young dog, born in 2007, his oldest puppies were born in April 2010, several have derby points:
*CK's Beacon (4/10) has 6 derby points
*Preacher's Hellfire (4/10) has 3 derby points, Q 2nd, 3rd, and 2 Reserve Jams, 2 Jams
*Colonial's Hubba Bubba (11/10) has 41 derby points and has an  He is also totally Amateur owner trained and handled.
*Colonial's Wingman (11/10) has 13 derby points
moon phases
                                          FC 2xNAFC Ebonstar Lean Mac (Retriever Hall of Fame)
                           FC AFC Fordland's Bored Out Ford
                                          Dust Devil's Desert Duk MH***
             FC AFC The Preacher MH
                                          GMHRCH Bay Creek Dan MH MNH (Master National Hall of Fame)
                           Heartland Stormfront MH ***
                                          Sugar Magnolia's  Radar Love
AFC Rev Blu Genes

                                          FC 2xNAFC Ebonstar Lean Mac (Retriever Hall of Fame)
                            FC AFC CAFC Chena River Chevez
                                           FC-AFC-CNFC-CAFC Chena River No Surprise (Retriever Hall of Fame)
             FC AFC Rubie Begonia
                                           FC-AFC Webshire's Honest Abe (Retriever Hall of Fame)
FC Miss Pink
                                           3xNFC-AFC Candlewood's Tanks A Lot (Retriever Hall of Fame)

AKC Titles
FC- Field Champion
AFC-Amateur Field Champion
NFC- National Field Champion
NAFC-National Amateur Field Champion
*** - Qualified All Age (not a title, qualified to run in Limited FC stakes)
JH - Junior Hunter
SH- Senior Hunter
MH- Master Hunter
CD- Companion Dog (obedience)
CKC Canadian Titles (Do not show on AKC pedigrees)
CNFTC- National Field Trial Champion
CNAFTC- National Amateur Field Trial Champion
WCX- Working Certificate Excellent

NAHRA Titles (Do not show on AKC pedigrees)
GMHR-Grand Master Hunting Retriever
GMHRCH-Grand Master Hunting Retriever Champion
WR-Working Retriever